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Library of Things: Nordic Ware Caterpillar Cake Pan

Library of Things: Nordic Ware Caterpillar Cake Pan

Who says you have to wait for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly for it to be fun? With the Nordic Ware Caterpillar Cake Pan, you can turn any humdrum cake into a cool caterpillar confection! This cast aluminum bake pan features eight separate sections that each fits the mold of a part of a caterpillar. After baking the eight sections can be combined and decorated to create one marvelous, happy caterpillar. Each section is perfectly portioned for singular or shared eating! The aluminum pan promotes even cooking and is non-stick to allow for easy release and cleaning. The total batter capacity of this pan is 5-cups, making it perfect for creating a different kind of birthday cake. This pan is ideal for those who like a little more design with their dessert.

Staff Review & Tips

You will need five cups of batter for this pan. Make sure you spray the pan with cooking spray really good because all of the curves in it make this pan a little harder to clean. This is a great pan if you want to have a Hungry Caterpillar Party.


We followed the instructions of the cake batter that we used. You can use a toothpick to help loosen the cake. Then we placed a cookie sheet over it and flipped it to get the pieces out. Take your time cleaning this pan because there are lots of curves that need to be cleaned on it.

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