Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading Program

Reading Inspires Lifelong Learning

Discover a world of reading for all ages at our library! From adults to teens to kids, we’re committed to keeping everyone engaged with the joy of reading for life. Explore our range of reading programs crafted to inspire and entertain, making reading an exciting adventure for everyone!

Summer Reading Program

Dive into a world of reading adventures with PCPL’s Summer Reading Program, running from June 1 to July 30! Our program celebrates the joy of reading by encouraging participants to explore their favorite books, fostering a lifelong love for recreational reading. Plus, indulging in reading for pleasure is a fantastic way to enhance comprehension, speed, and vocabulary skills! Best of all, our Summer Reading Program and its exciting activities are entirely free, providing enriching educational opportunities for all throughout the summer months.

2024 Summer Reading Sponsors

Thank you to our generous 2024 Summer Reading Program Sponsors! To inquire about sponsoring future reading programs, please contact us here

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