Book Bundles

Book Bundles

Starting June 15

The Youth Services Department is closed, but we want you to still be able to get the materials you need. You have three options for you to choose from. 

    1. Place the specific books, CDs, and DVDs you want on hold and pick them up at the library as usual or through our Curbside Service.
    2. Book Bundle – if you don’t have any specific titles, let us know how many books you would like and we will put together a bundle for you to pick up. Include a reading level or age, and we will select appropriate materials.
    3. Subject Bundle – Library staff can create nonfiction book bundles on specific subjects, like gardening, craft projects, etc. 

If you are interested in option 2 or 3, please email [email protected] or call 765-653-2755 ext. 7173

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