Rubber Ducky Readers

Rubber Ducky Readers

Why should babies & toddlers participate in Summer Reading?

Reading readiness begins at birth! Reading, talking, singing, writing, and playing with your child is important for their development.

Studies have shown that children who have an environment rich in words, songs, and healthy play enter school ready to learn.

How does it work?

Share the activities often with your child during June and July.
Mark a space each time you do that activity.
Bring this sheet back to the library to receive a rubber duck & board book!


Reading helps little ones learn new words and learn how language works. They won't always be still and actively listen while being actively read to and that's okay! They still hear the word, and eventually they begin to understand that those squiggles on the page have meaning.


Babies do listen and learn from the language around them and at some point will begin to repeat it! Conversing with a baby early on may feel silly, but encouraging them to talk, especially by asking questions, will make it easier for them to learn to read when they're older!


Songs slow down language and help children hear the smaller sounds that make up words.


Fingerplays, sign language, and even gripping toys develop muscles that will be used for fine motor skills needed to write.


Playing is how children learn best! These opportunities to explore allow children to learn by "doing."

Rubber Ducky Readers Handouts

To participate in Rubber Ducky Readers, simply download and print the Rubber Ducky Readers Game Board or pick one up at the library. Fill out the game board and return to the library to receive your prize!

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