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Adult Book Club: Razorblade Tears

Join the discussion at Adult Book Club every second Monday of the month. Celebrating 25 years, you won’t want to miss out on great discussions, voting, and good company!
This month we will be splitting up book club and reading between two different book and also attend the S.A. Cosby Author Talk at DePauw.

First half of book club will be dedicated to talk about our thoughts of the Author Talk. The second half of book club will be getting into our groups and discussing the books we have read.

Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby
Centers around a seemingly random act of violence that sets off an inescapable chain reaction for two fathers. When their sons are murdered in a drive-by shooting, Ike Randolph and Buddy Lee team up to avenge their untimely death.
Trigger Warnings: Violence, Homophobia, Gun Violence, Transphobia, Racism.
All Sinners Bleed by S.A. Cosby
Focused on main character Titus Crown’s efforts to investigate several recent killings in his hometown. To solve the crime, Crown must contend with the town’s racist history, a far-right group, and a long-undiscovered serial killer.
Trigger Warnings: Racism, Murder, Violence, Death of Parent, Pedophilia, Mass/School Shootings.

Kids Homeschool Book Club: Our Friend Hedgehog

Pick up your copy of this month’s book in the Imagination Portal to read at home together. We’ll then meet to discuss the book and all of our favorite parts as well as a book-themed craft or activity. Ages 5-8

January: Our Friend Hedgehog: The Story of Us by Lauren Castillo
February: Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective by Elizabeth Olsen
March: Cornbread & Poppy by Matthew Cordell
April: Marshmallow Martians: Show and Smell by Deanna Kent

For more information contact a librarian by phone (765-653-2755 ext. 7173) or by email ([email protected]).…

New Adult Book Club: Love From Scratch

Are you a new adult? Are you a mom needing a break? Do you want to make new girl friends? Most importantly do you love to read? If any of that applies to you please Join us for a brand new book club at the library!

New Adult Book Club
January 22nd, 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Kiwanis Room

Our very first discussion will be on
Love From Scratch 
by Kaitlyn Hill 

Reese’s plan to keep work a No Feelings Zone crumbles like a day-old muffin when she and Benny are thrown together for a video shoot that goes viral, making them the internet’s newest ship

Ethics Book Club: The Giver

Join us at the Ethics Book Club! Each month, Hillman Interns from The Janet Prindle Institute of Ethics and guest DePauw University professors will discuss readings that explore ethical dilemmas and themes. You don’t want to miss examining classic and contemporary literature!…

Adult Book Club: Tender is the Night

Join the discussion at Adult Book Club every second Monday of the month. Celebrating  25 years, you won’t want to miss out on great discussions, voting, and good company!

Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tender Is the Night, semiautobiographical novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1934. It is the story of a psychiatrist who marries one of his patients; as she slowly recovers, she exhausts his vitality until he is, in Fitzgerald’s words, un homme épuisé (“a used-up man”).
Trigger Warning: Mental Illness, Adult/minor relationship, Racism, Racial Slurs, Alcoholism, Child abuse, Gun Violence, Murder, Homophobia

Contact: Amber/Hope
[email protected]

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