Class Tracks

Technology Classes at PCPL

Putnam County Public Library offers the following free technology classes in three class tracks.  All classes are for beginners and are free and open to the public but registration is required since space is limited. Our online events calendar lists all of the technology classes currently scheduled, Click here to view our online events calendar. Registration for classes open the last week of the month for the upcoming month. Click here for a list of classes currently open for registration.

Class Track 1 - Computer Basics:

Introduction to Computers Part 1 (Hands-On)

Don’t worry about your ignorance when it comes to computers because this class starts right at the beginning. We will help you get used to using a mouse and keyboard, and discuss how the computer works. Understanding how the computer works will give you the confidence to tackle future tasks on your own. This is a hands-on class so you will get a computer to use. Topics covered:

  • History of Computers
  • How a Computer Works
  • Basic Computer Operation
  • Mouse Exercises

Introduction to Computers Part 2 (Hands-On)

Part two of our Introduction to Computers will build on part one by teaching you to understand the words people use when talking about computers. We will get used to navigating the computer and understanding the why and the how. Topics covered:

  • Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Hands on with a Graphical User Interface

Introduction to Computers Part 3 (Hands-On)

Part three of our Introduction to Computers series will build on part two by walking you through the most important parts of your operating system, managing your installed applications, and organizing your personal computer files. We will get used to creating folders, saving files, and learning how to cut, copy, and paste. Topics covered:

  • Files and Folders
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Adding and Removing Applications

Introduction to Modern Operating Systems (Currently Windows 10) (Hands-On)

The final class in our Computer Basics series focuses on Operating Systems, specifically Windows version 8.1., and how to organize your own computer files. Don’t worry if you do not yet use Windows 8.1, there will still be valuable lessons about operating systems you can learn in this course. A computer is easily customizable and you will learn how to make it your own and get comfortable in your own space. Topics covered:

  • Customizing Your Operating System
  • Managing Applications in Your Operating System
  • Organizing Files and Folders

Class Track 2: Internet Basics

Introduction to the Internet (Lecture Only)

Introduction to the Internet will introduce patrons to search engines, browsers, and some of the best websites on the Internet.

Safety and Security on the Internet (Lecture Only)

Safety and Security on the Internet class will discuss safeguarding your privacy and keeping your computer and information secure while using the Internet.

Introduction to Social Networking (Lecture Only)

Introduction to Social Networking will introduce patrons to a variety of websites devoted to socializing with others online and ways to protect privacy while enjoying a rich online social life.

Introduction to Cloud Computing (Lecture Only)

Introduction to Cloud Computing will introduce patrons to cloud computing offerings from Google Apps and Microsoft Live and why cloud computing is the way the world will be computing in the future.

Class Track 3: Productivity Tools

Introduction to Word Processing (Hands-On)

Introduction to Word Processing will introduce patrons to using typewriter like word processing software like Microsoft Word and discuss cheaper and free alternatives to Microsoft.

Advanced Word Processing (Hands-On)

Advanced Word Processing will discuss the more advanced features of modern word processing software.

Introduction to Spreadsheets (Hands-On)

Introduction to Spreadsheets will introduce patrons to spreadsheet software, creating and using spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and discuss cheaper and free alternatives to Microsoft.

Advanced Spreadsheets (Hands-On)

Advanced Spreadsheets will cover some of the more advanced features of spreadsheet software.

Tablets and Smartphones (Lecture Only)

Tablets and Smartphones is for those who need help with a new smartphone or tablet, or are considering making a purchase.  We will discuss the different types of devices available including the Apple iPad, Microsoft Windows tablets, Android-based Google tablets and smartphones.  Attendees will learn basic skills needed to connect to the Internet as well as how to take pictures and videos, use interactive maps, install applications and games, listen to music, and watch movies.  There will also be a demonstration on how to download free content from the library’s website including eBooks, and audiobooks.  

Managing Your Digital Photos (Hands-On)

Managing Your Digital Photos will discuss the basics of importing and exporting digital photographs, editing and resizing photos, and sharing photos with friends and family on the Internet.  Participants need to be proficient with a mouse.